Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

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Body pain, trauma, stress, and injuries hinder people from living their best lives. Individuals who suffered accidents can attest to how much it limits their movements and capabilities, which, in a domino effect, causes outright financial loss and missed opportunities. The good news is that they can be managed, corrected, and restored to optimal health in the hands of competent chiropractors.

Dr. Farshad Berjis is a licensed chiropractor and has around 25 years of chiropractic experience since 1995. He offers non-invasive and effective chiropractic services to manage skeletal, muscular, and nervous system-related illnesses and other concerns. We are the trusted chiropractic care providers in North Hollywood, Burbank, and Studio city!

Our services are not limited to injuries caused by accidents, but we also help address other forms of physical pain. Our bodies tell us something is wrong whenever we experience pain. Have you been having backaches and headaches lately? Is working on a computer all day making your neck stiff? Are you stressed out? Does it seem like your body does not function as well as it did before?

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About Us

Dr. Farshad Berjis graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in the city of Los Angeles in 1995.

Since then he has developed gentle yet effective chiropractic techniques which have helped patients restore and
maintain their health, such as Flexion Distraction, Diversified, Thompson’s, etc.

Dr. Berjis spent almost 4 years of intense study of Chiropractic Health and Science after acquiring his Bachelor of Science Degree.

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Our Satisfied Clients

Dr Birjis his life saver . first day I went to his office i had lot of pain on my back and neck but Dr birjis he did very professional treatment to me his magic and now i feel more better. thank you Dr birjis Because you’re so nice and friendly with patient . This is very important to me. Dr thank you again for you’re time you guys the best

Doctor Berjis is an Life Saver , my life had been changed and all the pain and suffering that I have had in the past got disappeared when I got my treatment in his office

Dr. Berjis, One of the best in the Business he knows what he’s talking about he explains everything to you to the point where you understand it very clear the staff are amazing very kind efficient everyone’s in a good positive mood very polite and very helpful I recommend this Chiropractic 100%

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